The website appears professional and specialized, catering well to English-speaking developers seeking jobs in Japan.

User interface

Advice: No changes recommended

The navigation appears clean and straightforward, facilitating easy browsing.
Design consistency is maintained well across the platform, creating a cohesive user experience.
The website is responsive on various devices, retaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

User experience

Advice: Consider testing forms with users to ensure error messages are clear and guiding.

Page layout
The layout supports readability, and crucial information is highlighted effectively.
Call-to-action buttons are visible and strategically placed to prompt user engagement.
Available forms appear user-friendly, but error message effectiveness can only be assessed by interacting with them directly.

Visual design

Advice: No changes recommended

Color scheme
The color palette is modern and subdued, which could have a calming effect on the users.
Typography is consistent and legible across devices, enabling easy reading.
Images and multimedia
Images are professionally presented and relevant, significantly enriching the content.


Advice: Consider increasing paragraph spacing or breaking up text to enhance readability, especially on mobile displays.

The content is clear and concise, effectively conveying critical information to the users.
The content directly addresses the needs of the target audience, offering significant value to English-speaking job seekers in Japan.
Headings and subheadings are used effectively to structure content, but paragraph density could be reviewed for better readability.


Advice: Incorporate user testimonials or success stories to further build trust and reduce possible exit points.

The inclusion of team profiles adds a personal touch and increases the site's trustworthiness.
Social proof
The visibility of social proof could be assessed for potential impact on new visitors.
Exit points
It would require data analysis to identify any potential exit points within the website.


Advice: Consider adding meta keywords and reviewing the URL structure to ensure maximum SEO efficiency.

Meta description
The meta description is precise and contains relevant keywords, which may enhance search engine visibility.
Meta keywords
The absence of meta keywords is an opportunity to potentially improve SEO through strategic keyword placement.
Url structure
Without specific URLs to assess, the overall URL structure's SEO-friendliness cannot be ascertained.

Overall, the website offers a highly targeted and effectively presented platform for English speakers looking for software development roles in Japan, with minor areas for improvement in content presentation and SEO strategies.